About us


1.High experience

The highest quality in the consulting, designing and installing the fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems are being dedicated by the skillful engineers.


The experienced engineers of BEHNIA Company, by passing the intranational educational courses like SHCRACK and VDS are able to design the systems.

3.Powerful tools

Getting advantage of the most accurate engineering tools like modern software, has increased the accuracy level of the design.

4.Consumer orientation

Suggesting the most appropriate price ,relating to the type of the project, consumer orientation and after sales services, are what make us different.        

History of BEHNIA

The managers and engineers of BEHNIA Company have been working for 20 years in the field of fire protection systems like fire alarm, fire extinguishing and F&G systems.


Our goals

The primary and main purpose of BEHNIA Company is to provide the safety and immunity in case of fire in the national and international scales.

BEHNIA Company, regarding its skillful engineers, hopes to create an eye catching future in the fire protection field.

The other future plan of BEHNIA Company is to transfer the technical knowledge of its engineers to other coworkers, in order to improve the level of everyone who is active in this field.

We hope to bold IRAN as a pioneer country in fire protection systems by being united and cooperating in the best way.